28 fevereiro 2008

Vampiria - Moonspell

Vampiria, you are my destiny
My only love and true destiny
Youre a beast, evil one
Above your head lays a star
In your heart is buried the jewel
Of a serpent who wished to die
Your red long tongue has her poison
And you will spread it as you breed
Conceiving the creed of all creeds
Vampiria, fly vampiria
In your eye burn, defying
All those who in silence sleep
In a city once named desire
Dreaming with the entombed dear
The lady has fallen in a blossom
Spread far away by undesirable winds
To females conspiring in gloom
Hiding your pearls from the pigs
So open your arms!
They were shaped as wings
A serenade of revenge draw on your lips
The sombre hill youre staying in
Is now defined
And your star had start to shine
Depart now on your bright wings
The world envy
The skies have always seduced you
Precious queen
And you know your time has come
To fly away with me, so far...

18 fevereiro 2008

The Vampire

You that, like a dagger’s thrust,
Have entered my complaining heart,
You that, stronger than a host
Of demons, came, wild yet prepared;

Within my mind’s humility
You made your bed and your domain;
- Infamous one who’s bound to me
Like any felon by his chain,

Like a gambler by his games,
Like the bottle and the sot,
Like the worms in one’s remains,
- Damm you! Damnation be your lot!

I’ve begged the merciful, swift sword
To overcome my liberty
-To poison I have said the word:
Save me from poltroonery.

Alas the sword! Alas the poison!
Contemptuous, they spoke to me:
"You never can deserve remission
Of your accursed slavery,

"Imbecile! - If our deadly empire
Freed you from your present fate,
Your kiss would soon resuscitate
The cold cadaver of your vampire!"

Charles Baudelaire

06 dezembro 2007

To Wither

Algo a germinar
Na terra,
Alterações no terreno
Começa a provocar.

Pouco a pouco,
No escuro solo,
Um ponto verde

E com o passar do tempo,
Este ponto cresce
E torna-se um tronco,
Longo e forte.

Desse tronco,
Brota uma rosa,
Pequenina a princípio.

Mas a rosa, lenta,
Nasce murcha.
E o que a alimenta?

Os nossos esqueletos.

Cátia Ribeiro

30 novembro 2007

Resistência Destruída

Neste cantinho obscuro ouço os gritos
inaudíveis de quem sofre e desespera.
Neste cantinho obscuro nada faço,
pois o medo me supera.

Neste cantinho obscuro sou como
um orgasmatron. Nunca antes sentiras
tal força em que todas as suas promessas...
São mentiras...

Numa repetição de sons e gritos
que gelam o mais quente dos corações.
Como sugadores de felicidade, rezas,
cultos, missas, religiões e orações.

Destruindo edifícios do pensamento
chegam até ti uma dúzia de demónios.
Induzem-te em erro, enchem tua mente
de pensamentos e pensamentos erróneos.

Não resistes a desacreditar-te,
Não resistes a dizer não.
Porque tu sabes que existem,
porque tu sabes o que são.
Eles aí estão.

Eduardo Rilhas

27 novembro 2007

I Thought...

You always said you knew me,
Better than anyone.

And in a way,
I thought I knew you, too.

But the turns and twirls
Of our stupid and insignificant life
Made me realize different.

I definitely don’t know you.
And you may be sure
You don’t know me either.
Not that damn good.

I’m a mystery.
You’re a mystery.
We all are goddamn it!

You’re not the perfect image anymore.

The mirror is broken.

So am I.

Cátia Ribeiro

21 novembro 2007

Black Light

A stormy day,
A whirlwind floating in my heart.
Almost drowning
In a loneliness wider than the sea.

A flood of black thoughts
Twirling around in my mind.

I’m just a drop of rain
In a world of problems.
And only a bit of me
Is made of nothing.

A flower withering in the winter,
That’s my state of mind.

I’m reaching the end,
Living on the edge.

Cátia Ribeiro

19 novembro 2007

Calling me

Laughing mask,
screaming clown,
here again
to hunt me down.

In darkness I see
my black blood
and the Evil in me.
It's a river of mud.

Die Kinder im Bett,
sie weinen und schreien.
Satan mit Feuerwerk:
Feste und Feiern.

Und am Abend
Töte ich mich
weil ich ihn liebe.
Er wartet auch auf dich...

So die today,
come to serve the Devil,
come whatever may...